Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Agile From The Ground Up!

Introducing Agile From The Ground Up!
Welcome to the Agile From The Ground Up blog! My name is Josh Gough. I am a software application architect / developer in Atlanta, GA. I've been practicing iterative and incremental development techniques for most of my career. Over the last couple of years, through research and the good fortune of working with highly talented and educated teammates, I've become increasingly exposed to and involved with Agile practices in general and Scrum in particular.

I've helped several companies adopt Agile practices with Scrum from the "bottom up". This means that I as a developer working on the team was part of the impetus to introduce the process improvement efforts of ushering in Agile and Scrum.

Target Audiences
I'll target articles and postings on this toward the following types of readers:

  • Company executives and product owners seeking an ROI-producing strategy to provide a better way to plan, measure, and execute the delivery of development projects.
  • Project managers and team leaders seeking an operational approach to successfully introduce Agile and Scrum to their teams or higher-level company executives.
  • Developers seeking proven, repeatable tactics to nudge their leaders and companies toward adopting Agile and Scrum to improve results.
  • Students seeking to understand and apply iterative and incremental development practices from a hands-on, real-world perspective.
I hope you will find this information useful as you attempt to help your teams go Agile From The Ground Up!