Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thoughts on : Excellent

I started listening to some of the videos at today, including Scott Guthrie's keynote and Glen Block's lecture about WCF's super-enhanced REST support. Glen now calls himself a "REST head". Great!

The development of NuGet and Openwrap is really welcome to me. What must be 14 to 15 years ago now, when I started using PERL, I was very impressed by how well-oiled the machinery of CPAN was for installing packages and modules from the command line, even under Windows. When I started developing C# applications in 2001, I was very disappointed by the lack of a cohesive community of open-source packages available for Microsoft .NET. There have long been open-source projects. But, a package is different from a project. A package is shippable, deployable, consumable. I'm really happy to see this kind of thing coming into the .NET world.

I don't know where the credit goes, I'm sure it goes to many people. But, I definitely think a lot goes to Scott Guthrie for the enhanced openness that Microsoft has demonstrated in past years. I know from reading that this story also ties to Shawn Walker, the creator of DotNetNuke for his advanced forays into open-source based upon .NET.

Yes, I know the "entire stack" is not open-source, and that doesn't bother me that much.